Problem winth sql-2008


Ghost 63

i have an access front end with sql back end, all works fine with
sql-2000, but when i have updated sql to sql-2008 express that started
the problems, after about one hour i loss the connection with sql. i
have sql connects via odbc. I did some tests and i have find the the
problem exist only when the client (xp pro) is inserted in A. D. also
when the loggin is out of domain. Is sufficient the the client is
registred in a domain. if i get out the client from the domian all
works correctly. The problem is the same whether sql run in xp server
and wk8 server.
Thank for your help.

Arvin Meyer [MVP]

There may be a timeout associated with the SQL-Server connection. Try asking
this question in a SQL-Server newsgroup.

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