32 bit access application and 64 bit SQL 2008



I have a Access 2003 application (run on Office 2007) with SQL 2000 server
back end. I wanted to connect this Access 2003 application to a new server
which has 64 bit SQL 2008 on a 64 bit windows 2008 server. I have mixed 32
bit/64 bit Vista client computers with office 2007. My Access 2003
application will not connect to server on neither 32bit or 64 bit client

I understand I need to have 64 bit driver from
\windows\syswow64\odbcad32.exe for my ODBC connection, but I still get "SQL
server error 231....connection failed... sql server does not exist or access
denied...." I checked sql configuration manager on SQL 2008 server, and
client 32bit is enabled. what else I missed? any helps is appreciated...

Paul Shapiro

Access (including 2003) should be able to connect to a 64-bit SQL Server
without doing anything differently than a 32-bit server. Check that the
necessary ports are open in the server's firewall and the workstation's
firewall. Make sure that SQL Server is configured to listen on TCP/IP. The
default SQL installation locks the server down pretty tightly, and I think
network access is NOT permitted by default. Check the SQL authentication
being used to make sure the user is authorized to access the SQL Server and
the desired db.


Thanks for replying... I forgot to mention that ODBC test was completed
successfully on workstation, but it will not let me connect to the SQL server
just to be sure, I turned off firewall on both 64 bit server and
workstation. Server is listening from TCP/IP port 1433, and user account are
able to access network and database. still getting same error...

good news is I deleted linked tables and re-link all the tables back, and it
works. not sure if this is a right way to do it, but after I relink tables,
my access application work fine.

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