connecting to sql server 2008 from access 2002


Adel Hemeda

I can connect to sql server 2008 from access 2002 but can not design tables
and queries because access 2002 not able to do that with sql server 2008 , I
installed office service pack 3 but still have the same problem .

Larry Linson

Existing versions of Access are not automatically updated when new versions
of other Microsoft products (such as SQL Server) are released. As you
mention using Access to design tables and queries, it would seem you are
using an Access Project (ADP/ADE) -- that is the only type of Access
database with the capability you describe. I do not think that Access 2003
nor 2007 has the capability you desire, either, though both can be used to
create ADPs.

As I do not use ADP unless I have a client/customer requirement, I have not
used it with Access versions after 2002, but you should search the Microsoft
web site to see if they have published any information as to whether Access
2010 will have the capability.

Larry Linson
Microsoft Office Access MVP

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