Upsizing wizard and SQL Server 2008 Express



I have an application in Access 2003 that I am hoping to "upsize" to SQL
Server. I started down this path a few months ago initially with SQL Server
2005 but when I got back to it this week I decided to try out SQL Server 2k8.
I have downloaded and installed (more than once) SQL Server 2008 Express w/
Advanced Tools. When I ask Access to "upsize" using the wizard in the tools
menu I get an error telling me that I need to use at least SQL Server 6.5
(now, while I liked 6.5, I think 2008 might be *slightly* better ;).
Literally: "The Upsizing Wizard only works with Microsoft SQL Server
(Versions 6.50 SP5 or higher). Please log in to a SQL Server data source."

In ther forums/kd articles (related to A2k3 and SQL2k5) I saw a suggestion
that I use a file DSN to access the db. I tried this using both the "new"
native driver and the more traditional one. I have tried using "local" and
machine/instance_name through both the DSN and directly through access. I
have also tried all the above using windows accounts and sa for the

Consistently, I get either the above error or "Connection Failed" with State
= 01000 and Error = 53 and an embedded error of 17 with a State of 08001.

I am kind of coming to the conclusion that Access needs a patch to recognize
SQL 2k8. Has anyone else seen this issue? Know any workarounds? or know of a
known bug? I haven't found any information about pairing A2k3 and SQL2k8
basically anywhere. Alternately, does upsizing only work on "better" versions
of SQL Server (i.e. Web, Standard, Enterprise)?


Sylvain Lafontaine

Probably that your problem comes from the fact that the Upzising Wizard make
a check on the version of SQL-Server and refuse to do its (poor) work if
it's not SQL-Server 6.5, 7 or 2000. Using or not a DSN change nothing to
that. It's also possible that you might have a connection or a login issue
but as you are able to connect with SSMS (SQL-Server Management Studio), I
don't think that your problem is there.

Instead of the Upsizing Wizard, you should try with the SQL-Server Migration
Assistant for Access (SSMA-A):

Once your application will be upsized to an MDB file with ODBC linked
tables, you'll see no difference at all between any version or edition of
SQL-Server. Of course, for passtrough queries or for ADP projects, you'll
be able to take advantage of some of the more advanced features of
SQL-Server 2008 but in the meantime, you have a lot of other things to learn


Also, what driver are you attempting to use to connect to the SQL instance?
You should be using the SQL Native Client, instead of the generic SQL Server
ODBC driver.
Bob Larson
Access MVP
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Tony Toews [MVP]

langdonwhite said:
When I ask Access to "upsize" using the wizard in the tools
menu I get an error telling me that I need to use at least SQL Server 6.5
(now, while I liked 6.5, I think 2008 might be *slightly* better ;).

<chuckle> Thanks for posting that!

Tony Toews, Microsoft Access MVP
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blad3 runn69

Dear Sylvain,
Thank you very much for info
re: upsizing to SQL 2008 & SSMA.
SSMA sure is a great tool.
msaccess 97 into SQL 2008 no problems.
Thanks again :)

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