Problem reinstating PST file in Outlook 2000



Prior to reformating and repopulating the HD, I have backed up a PST file .
The XP operating system and Office has been reinstated and brought up to
date. Outlook 2000 will not recognise the PST file previously saved,
providing information as follows: "properties for this information service
must be defined prior to use" <enter> and then " .... backup.pst is not
compatible with this version of the Personal Folders information service. "
That is odd because the PST was created in an updated Outlook version and is
attempted at being opened in a similarly updated Outlook 2000 version.

This happens whether I try it via File | Import, File | Open, or double
clicking on the backup file.

Can anybody help me to recover this PST file, please?

Oliver Vukovics

Dear Tone,

did you use an Outlook 2003/2007 version before and is this PST file an
Unicode (OL2003/2007) PST file?

Then, it is not possible to open a unicode PST with OL97-2002


Thanks Oliver, ... Outlook 2000 has been the platform ... I don't have an
Outlook 2003/2007 version.


I feel like such a fool! My bad, discovered Office 2003 tucked away ... I'll
load up the Outlook 2003 and I'm sure that all will be fine. Sorry to have
troubled you :)

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