Problem rebooting or shutting down Windows 2000 Pro


Hans Roesler

I have been trying to solve this for a while now:
When doing a restart, the computer shuts down, but then hangs with a blank
display. In order to complete the restart I have to press the reset button.
Also, during shutdown, the same thing happens, but the ATX power supply will
not power down ( have to do it manually).

I have reinstalled the operating system from scratch twice, and applied the
various updates, including SP4. During this time, the reboot and shutdown
works normally. One of the applications installed is digital camera software
from Canon which I use to download pictures via USB connection. This worked
normally, until one day the the system requested a restart after connecting
the camera to USB. It is at this point where the reboot and shutdown problem
appears and remains.

I have updated all drivers, uninstalled and reinstalled USB drivers (as per
Canon's tech support). I have checked mainboard suppliers tech site for any
related updates/ patches.

I am really at a loss here, does anyone know of this problem and how to fix
this? It's a real nuisance as I am trying to install some new software that
requires a reboot for the installer to initiate, and doing a hard reset
doesn't allow the installer program to initiatialize.

Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Hans Roesler

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