Problem Opening Zip Attachments



Info: Windows XP w/Office 2003 and Vista w/Office 2007 network.
Exchange server

Two of apprx 30 machines cannot open zip files in their Outlook.
What is weirder is that one is an XP/2003 and the other is a Vista/2007

I have searched and found an article that said to uninstall Google
Desktop, which is not on either machine.
I greatly appreciate any assistance or ideas to resolve this issue.

Thank you :)


When the XP/Office 2003 saves first, she is able to open the zip files
(therefore, she just complains that this is just too long of a process...blah
blah blah).
The Vista/Office 2007 user, however, has the same result as when she tries
to open from Outlook: A WordPad file opens and it is jibberish.

There are no error messages. There is nothing in the temp folders. I am
heading over to the desktop of the Vista/2007 user now and will check the
temp folder again and the information in the link.

Thank you for your assistance.

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