Problem linking libs to Outlook Addin


Gautam Adlakha

Hi All.
I am facing a problem writing an outlook addin. I have 4 libs & dlls that
exposes certain set of APIs to access the network and other functionalities.
All 4 are Win32 Dlls. I had added the libs to the project settings and
included the required header files. When I am not calling any od the exposed
functions, the addin gets loaded successfully and I am able to receive the
desired events.
However, if I call any of the exposed functions, the project gets linked
successfully but the addin is not loaded (even the reg entries are not
created). If I try creating the reg entries maually an dthen manually try &
load the addin from tools->options..... I get the following error message:
"Not Loaded. A runtime error occured during the loading of the COM AddIn".

Is there something wrong in the linking libraries? What should I do to get
the things right?

Gautam Adlakha.

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