Problem booting from CF



I have a strange problem here. My XPe configuration runs on a Lanner EM-354
SBC with a SiliconSystem 1GB CF SSD-C01G-3512. EWF RAM REG is enabled. All
works fine.

Now I have to switch to a new CF from IEI, ICF-1000W-1GB. I prepare this CF
like the old one but XPe will not boot. No matter what i try the XPe will
allways hang up at the boot screen. I tried another CF with 8GB ICF-1000I-8GB
but with the same negative effect. All CF are fixed disk type so this should
have no effect.

Does anyone has a solution what could be wrong with these IEI CF? I thought
CF are all the same. So you can switch easily to another manufacturer.


I tried this tool and now XPe boots. Thank you for your answer. But now i
have another problem. XPe hangs up during booting. I have found out that it
hangs up when classpnp.sys is executed. It must be something with the CF type
because other CF run without problem.

What function has classpnp.sys? And what could be the problem?

Sean Liming \(MVP\)

It boots, but it doesn't.

Classpnp.sys contains common routines to access media.

Have you tried a different CF card?


Sean Liming /
Book Author - XP Embedded Advanced, XP Embedded Supplemental Toolkit


The hang up during execution of classpnp.sys is only with a IEI ICF-1000W-1GB
CF. If I try another CF from SiliconSystem 1GB CF SSD-C01G-3512 XPe starts
normally. So it has to be the IEI CF. Everything seems normal with this CF,
if I format it with DOS it will boot with DOS. But the XPe that runs with
other CF is not working with this CF.

Fdisk, DOS format, Bootprep, Convert to NTFS all works fine. But XPe hangs
up during boot. I tried this with various SBC allways with the same effect.
There must be something special about the IEI CF and XPe.

I think I will take a CF from another manufacturer for this project. Because
the IEI CF makes to much trouble.

Thank you for all the help regarding this issue.



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