Problem Allowing Remote Desktop Through Software Firewall



I'm having problems allowing Remote dEsktop connection through my software
firewall (Sunbelt Kerio firewall).

My Router forwards traffic it receives on port 3389 to my home PC and if the
software firewall is off Remore Desktop works fine. I therefore created a
rule in the firewall to allow TCP and UDP traffic in and out on port 3389 but
it's still somehow blocking Remote Desktop. Can anyone help?

Also, does allowing port 3389 on the Router expose my home network to risk
of attack from the Intermet and if so is there a free and simple to set up
home VPN type solution?



Sooner Al [MVP]

I can't help with Kerio rules but some folks do use Remote Desktop through a
VPN or Secure Shell (SSH) tunnel for added security. I have used OpenVPN
(free) in the past and SSH. Here is one method using SSH, PuTTY and Remote

Some OpenVPN links...

Both work equally well although SSH is a bit easier, IMO, to setup...


Al Jarvi (MS-MVP Windows Networking)

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