Problem after Vista SP1 Pre-Beta



I have installed the Vista SP1 Pre-Beta(Build 6001.16633) and after I
restarted I have the windows version info displayed at the lower right-hand
side of my screen. This is no problem, but the problem is that it is showing
my Vista as an "evaluation copy". I am using Vista Home-Premium on my Toshiba
Satellite A105-S4397 and my Product-Key and Activation are valid.

Screenshot below:

All help is appreciated. :)

David A. Spicer

What were you expecting when you installed a non-supported pre-beta build?
Look for an uninstall/restore point.


Well, I was wondering if there was a way just to fix the said issue in
general. My laptop is running faster and has had no problems or compatibility
problems at all.

The strange thing is that my laptop has been restarted at least 4 times
since the SP1 install(Sunday). This showed up about 12am EST on Wednesday and
I just thought of it a little strange.

Well, I guess it will stay as it is for now... Even though I created a
restore point right before the update. :p


6.0.6001.16633 has a time bomb in it. If you check Winver, it will tell you
when your copy of Vista will stop working.

Kerry Brown

You should report this through the proper channels set up in the beta
program. Most people on this newsgroup do not have access to this and if
they do probably can't talk about it.

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