MS is sending out invites for Windows Vista SP1 Beta Preview:

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MS is sending out invites for Windows Vista SP1 Beta Preview:

Quote -
We are pleased to offer you an early preview of Microsoft® Windows Vista SP1
by extending this invitation to join the Windows Vista SP1 beta program.
Your participation is completely voluntary. Program participants will
preview Windows Vista SP1.

If you choose to participate you will have the opportunity to provide
Microsoft with feedback as we continue work on this exciting new release.
Please note that we have not made the Windows Vista SP1 Beta available on
Microsoft Connect. The purpose of this email and survey is to ensure our
current Windows Server 2008 beta participants have a first chance at
participation. Successful participants will be notified via email when the
Windows Vista SP1 Beta is available.

Confirming Your Interest in Participation
1. Go to
2. Sign-in using your Connect LiveID credentials.
3. Click on [My Participation] from the left-hand menu.
4. Click on [Windows Server 2008 Beta].
5. Click on Surveys from the left-hand pane.
6. Scroll down and select the "Windows Vista SP1 Beta Opportunity for
Windows Server 2008 Beta Participants" survey.
7. Ensure your contact information in your profile is set to "Yes". (Note:
The survey is showing a screenshot of the dialog box and is not editable.
You must click on the link to go to your profile and edit your contact

Thank you for your participation and we look forward to hearing what you
have to say about the Windows Vista SP1.

Microsoft Windows Beta Team


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