Private Items


Greg Norman

Is there an Outlook 2003 feature similiar to the Palm "Private" option that
will hide notes etc. unless a password has been entered? I am trying to
move my private items from Palm to Outlook but don't want them visible
unless I enter a password.

Chad Harris


I don't use Palm, so I'm not familiar with how it works. You can't lock
Outlook itself or on startup unless you use the Windows logon or some third
party like In OL 2000, 2002, 2003 you can password
protect your .pst folders file, and I think get what you want done that
way. All your emails in POP and HTML accounts go to a data file, much like
your Documents. This isn't protection against hackers, and 3rd party cracks
are available which are double edged swords. If you check "Save the
password in your password list," then anyone can open your personal folders


Questions on OL passwords:,HP,HA,RC,FX,ES,EP,DC,XT

Chad Harris


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