Prints whole line in one character space.



I had a co-worker bring me a document that he printed, and it had each line
printed as 1 character long, but it printed the whole line in one character.
Each letter was on top of each other. And it didn't have any shading either.
He printed it twice, and both times printed that way. I printed it, as did
another coworker, and it printed correctly for us. We are all using Word
2007, but it is saved as a 2003 template.

Does anyone know what the cause might be? As far as I know, this is the
first time this file has done it. It's a shared file that the agency has used
over 100 times in the past 2 years, and it seems like a new problem, just for

Stefan Blom

Graham Mayor has posted the following reply to a similar question:

According to contributor Bob Buckland: "It's a bug that somehow seems to
have Word misreading temporary files related to the printer currently in
use. You can usually 'unscramble' the display from File=>Print and switch
to the printer properties or to another printer then your normal one, or
close Word and delete all files found on Start=>Search and looking for
~$*.*;*.tmp as the name string then restarting Word." See also

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