Arrow character showing up with some cross-references



A number of documents that we have been working on lately have an arrow
character (we think it's Unicode character 21B1, Upwards Arrow With Tip
Rightwards) immediately to the left of _some_ of the cross-references.
Picture the grey shading that indicates the cross-reference; the arrow shows
up smack dab on the left side of the grey shading. The problem is that it
only shows up (on screen and when printed) when we view/print the document
within Documentum. The same Word file on my desktop appears to have no such
arrow and no arrow is printed when I print from the desktop. A PDF file
created from the Word file has an arrow in it if the PDF file is created
through Documentum, but not if created on my desktop.

The problem is that we cannot have these arrows showing up in the final PDF
output, yet we cannot figure out how they got there, they do not happen on
every cross-reference, and they are very difficult to see (especially when
you're talking about finding them in documents that are thousands of pages
long). We're still trying to figure out if there is a reliable way to search
for them.

We would really like to know where this arrow is coming from so that we can
get rid of them. We've tried every way we can think of to create
cross-references and cannot seem to create a reference that has one of these

Has anybody encountered this problem and, if so, how have you resolved it?

Any help would be appreciated!

Word version is 2003 on XP Professional.

Thank you!

Peter T. Daniels

(What is Documentum?)

It sounds like Documentum is having a problem interpreting some
internal code in Word, which would seem to make it a Documentum
problem and not a Word problem.

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