Cross references to numbered reference list

Oct 15, 2009
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Hi all,
I'm a new member of the forum, so please bear with me. I'm using Word 2003 on Windows XP. I'm working on a long document with hundreds of cross-references to a numbered reference list at the end of the document. The numbering style of the list is [n], [n+1], etc., and cross references refer to the "numbers + square brackets" as well. Everything works great so far - even when additional references are added to the list, an F9 update to the whole document updates the in-text cross-ref numbers as well.

However, we have several groups of cross references that refer to several reference list items, like this: [4][5][6][13][22]. We have now learned that the correct way to write that group of in-text citations is as follows: [4-6, 13, 22], i.e., using a single pair of square brackets, ranges, etc. Is there any way to make a cross-reference to those reference list items so the numbers in the cross-refs get updated (after updating the fields, of course), and stay in their current format (i.e., inside a single pair of square brackets, showing ranges, etc.) when the reference list itself is updated? As a concrete example, if my current cross-ref (or perhaps group of cross-refs) is [4-6, 13, 22], and then I add item 3 to the reference list at the end of my document, can that group of cross-refs morph to [5-7, 14, 23]?

Thanks in advance, Hanan

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