Printing from Windows XP on a USB printer connected to Windows


Bernd Dongue

Dear Experts

I need to connect the USB printer HP LaserJet 1022 to a Windows Server
2008 (64 bit) and print on it through the network from Windows XP. I
have an instruction sheet which is about a year old but the environment
hasn't changed. But I get stuck.

May be it is worth mentioning that both Windows are VMware virtual
machines. They are on two host machines, both on identical Windows XP
hosts running VMware Server.

This is how it goes:
1. Printing from the server itself - No problem

- Attach the printer to the USB 2.0 port, the host recognizes a USB

- "connect" the device to the VM, the server too recognizes the USB

- Found the driver in
lj1020_1022-HB-pnp-win64-de.exe [1/1, 4.67M]

- run it. It shows with an animation that the USB connection is
OK, and sends a success message.

- In system control the printer appears in the top row, I can
print test pages. No problems.

2. Printing from a Linux client - No problem

- Context menu of the printer, export it under the name HP_LaserJet_1022

- "Allow client spooling?" ticked (sorry, my translation)

- "Additional drivers" add nothing, only the default x64 is there.

- Go to my Linux laptop, a Debian Squeeze derivative, with all
the CUPS packages installed. (It can reach Win2k8, VMware network
is "bridged".)

- Start printer configuration GUI, select Windows-Printer, enter
activate login, User Administrator, (Administrator password)

- Verify. Says no access. But if I just exit and print a test page
it prints fine.

This is the section in /etc/cups/printers.conf
<Printer HP-LaserJet-1022>
Info HP LaserJet 1022
MakeModel HP LaserJet 1022 hpijs pcl3, 3.10.6, requires proprietary plugin
DeviceURI smb://Administrator:[email protected]/HP_LaserJet_1022
State Idle
StateTime 1331399799
Type 8425500
Filter application/vnd.cups-raw 0 -
Filter application/vnd.cups-postscript 100 foomatic-rip
Filter application/vnd.cups-pdf 0 foomatic-rip
Filter application/vnd.cups-command 0 commandtops
Accepting Yes
Shared Yes
JobSheets none none
QuotaPeriod 0
PageLimit 0
KLimit 0
OpPolicy default
ErrorPolicy stop-printer

3. Printing from Windows XP. Here is the problem

- My instructions say, "execute" \\IP.ADDRESS and then install the
32 bit driver. True enough I can login as Administrator and password
from the Windows server. It shows me a hp-1022 too. But that one says
it is not configured.

According to the instructions I must go to the context menu and
select "Server properties", then the line environment "Intel Windows
2000 or XP" and then it requests the driver. I do all this in the XP
client but the driver supposedly goes to the server.

My problem is, I don't know which driver is the right one. I took
one from the driver CD of the printer, but it is very old. When I
try to print it sends "Windows Explorer.exe excited" or something.

The instructions go further saying now I should again access
\\IP.ADDRESS, this time as guest without password. Then I'm supposed
to double click the printer icon, after a confirmation message, the
printer should be ready.

Alternatively, the instructions say, I could go the the "additional
drivers" section in the Export tab (in 2008 Server) and tick x86.
It requests for drivers, and will automatically find. My Server
gives me a file select dialog, so the driver *.inf in the machine.

This whole part in the Windows XP doesn't work the way it is
expected. For example for "automatic" driver search, it gives
me only the local file system as a choice. When I read the
instructions, I have the feeling either the installer finds
it in the internet, or in some driver packet which came with
Windows Server. But in both cases the Windows server is a
fresh installation from this same ISO image.

Can somebody tell me what I'm doing wrong? As you must have
noticed, I have no Windows Server experience.

Thanking in advance

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