Printing a large/long spreadsheet on legal size paper problem



I have encountered an odd problem while printing long spreadsheets on legalsize paper. This only happens on legal sized paper, on letter, A3, etc. I do not see a problem. Additionally it only happens on multi-paged printouts.. (In other words, page 1 prints fine, but all subsequent pages have the problem.

Here is a description of the problem…

I have a long spreadsheet, hundreds of rows with a number of columns (perhaps 20 columns). Some of the cells contain numbers (1 to 4 digits in length,often separated by a decimal point), but most are blank.

When I print the spreadsheet, the first page prints correctly, however eachpage after the first page has the problem. The problem appears to be the numbers in the cells “bleed” or span across/into the cells directly to the right of it.

It looks something like this:

Correct display:
| 12.34 | | 567.8 | | | 9123.456 | |

Incorrect display:
| 12.3|4 | 567.|8 | | 9123.4|56 |

This condition is present throughout the remainder of the spreadsheet in all cells. This only happens with legal paper. I have tried using different computers and different printers. The problem presents itself consistently. Again, page 1 prints properly.

Can anyone tell me what the problem might be?

I suspect printer drivers, but it happens with different printers (all HP laser printers)

Thank you,



If your LaserJets are using PCL6 drivers, try setting one up to use a
PCL5e driver. This may not be your issue, but I've seen see the PCL5e
driver solve other oddities like dropped characters, so it's worth a try.

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