[Outlook 2007] Printing problem two months on an a4 paper


Harald von Aschen


I'm trying to print the year 2007 on a4 paper, two months on one sheet
of paper (printing from beginning of year 01-01-07 to end of year
12-31-07). (Sorry, I'm using the german version so I'm not able to do
a correct translation of all menu options.)

Problem: Outlook 2007 prints only 5 weeks per month. This means that
e.g. for April 2007 the 30th of April is missing in printout. It is
then printed on the next month May, but all meetings for that date are

In Outlook 2003 all is working (also in 2000), here for April 2007 are
six weeks printed, with less space for meetings.

For me this is a bug, any hints?

regards, harald

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