Outlook 2007 calendar word wrap on printing



Outlook 2007 calendar month style print cuts off event text that's more than
a couple of words and only allows a few meetings each day. Much worse than OL
I used print assistant & I can't get it to drop the end times so the meeting
times then takes the first line. I checked the drop end date checkbox & it
doesn't change the print. Also print assistant has the big numbers that
covers the entire day block & hard to read the event text. When I say entire
day meeting, the text is truncated again.
I tried Vista calendar and it does things differently, but still not readable.
Can I install the old Outlook 2000 on my Vista system now for the great
calendar function and print. Will that mes up my Vista system and Office
What else would you advise?

Diane Poremsky [MVP]

if you only use outlook for the calendar, 2000 might work ok... but I'd wait
a few weeks for SP1 if at all possible - some printing problems were fixed
in it. If you use Outlook for email, don't revent to 2000 on Vista. Its

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