Printing very large spreadsheet



I am using Excel 2003
I would like to print my spreadsheet on 11x17
Rows 1-3 to repeat and columns A & B are also repeating.
Left and Right margins are set at .25 and Top and Bottom margins are set at .5
Header and Footer margins are set at .25
When it prints it prints on the 11x17 paper but it looks like legal size
(8.5x17) and is small.
Also it wants to print the entire spreadsheet - meaning hundreds of pages
with no information other than the repeating rows and columns.
If it were to print correctly I believe it would be approximately 7-10 pages
of 11X17

Thanks for any help with this issue.



Bernard Liengme

The page setup in Excel depends on the what Excel finds in the print driver.
So if your printer supports 11x17 then that size should be an option in Page

By default Excel prints everything on a worksheet. You can selected required
materail and use File | Print Area | Set to sepcify a certain range (in Excel
2007 you can specify multiple ranges)
best wishes

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