Setting print area




I have a worksheet that would normally print on several pages. I have set
the print area by selecting what I want to print, and selected "fit to 1 page
wide by 1 page tall" on the print options.

When it prints on 1 page, the font sizes are extremely small. I have
increased the font sizes, increased the row heights & column widths. I have
even reduced the numbers of rows & columns, reducing the overall size of what
I want to print. I have set the margins very low, at 0.3" on all sides.

Even after all this, it still prints in a very small font, with blank space
on the bottom & side of the page.

Any suggestions?




Hi richzip,

I am no expert but since nobody answered you yet I thought I will try to
help. For me it seems that even though you tryed to reduce your print area
it is still too large to fit on one page. This you can findout if you remove
the option to fit in one page. You will notice that when you go back to your
document you will have a sort of perforated border around your sheet(s),
anything out of this border will print on a separate sheet. Unfortunately I
do not have a solution of how to fit all in one sheet with bigger fonts.


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