printer prints 1 extra unwanted page every time



Hello all -

I've got a Dell XPS600 PC and a Hewlett-Packard Laserjet 4MP printer. Yes
the printer is about 10 years older than the PC !!! (But it has worked just
fine so why get a new one?)

I only just got the XPS600 actually, and I needed to get a USB-to-parallell
adapter to get the printer to work so I got a Bandridge CPL4302 (if anyone
wants to know).

The printer works fine except for one thing - an extra page is always
printed out before the document I've asked it to print. The page has next to
nothing on it, just the letters "s1M" at the top left, like some invisible
codes that have accidentally been exposed.

Any ideas how I can get rid of this extraneous page? It wastes paper, and
the printer isn't very fast either :)

Thanks in advance - GG


Check using Print Preview before printing and see if that gives any clues.
The page setup should be checked for headers which may be inserted
without your knowledge. Headers can be deleted in your settings.

Alan Morris [MSFT]

Yeah, Yeah. The printer is too old for the BIOS setting on the new computer
parallel port.

I usually change to AT or Bidirectional rather than ECP or EPP.

There was one post that fixed a similar issue just by setting the Device
Manager, Port, LPT properties to Legacy mode so you could try this first
before rebooting to get to the BIOS configuration.

Alan Morris
Windows Printing Team
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Aug 28, 2012
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I just came here to say that the DRIVER_BCP5102_WIN.ZIP file, which is a driver for the Bandridge BCP5102, is byte-for-byte identical with the drivers that comes with the CPL4302 with the included CD. I suspect the physical devices are identical as well, but I have only seen the CPL-4302.

The files and their SHA256 checksums are:
PARPPL.vxd C75B9060ADDD32967869E680230FE4531818F7C9355BC58E8125C787DD98BB42
PARUPL.sys 8AC135E117DD0543C805C0C12AFF23073F2A917762335907C7DC4FFF73639B8A
parppl.inf 45D9435A581A1A7D3767BF210FDF1EC918CC3C780D8F0CB7308AFD1FEBB7A26C
parupl.inf 0CC165F2815AF0CF65CD4FEB707BE97D4FC1C1EF3BF4BEB84634BAD6ADA79C9A
uninst.exe E17EDFBE1B37373647D70078EA001A789755BED668400E6A1BE4354856552042
uninst.txt 3CC8E97FEA8AD31161ECAE45890DCAFD4D52939027747BBF390E0CD1FA3D09B3

I suspect the uninst.* files are not necessary as Windows installer should handle uninstallation on its own.

The files passed a virus and malware scan 2016-12-02.

The ZIP file DRIVER_BCP5102_WIN.ZIP, which is available online, has the SHA256 hash BC922931CE24F22702F714ECEE694A532B2DC062E2836DCEBBDE088598EAF94E. I do not know if the zip file itself is clean, or if zip files even can be infected. However the files inside the archive matches the above.

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