Printer post ts000 is changing.



Im having som problems with printing on my clients local printer.

I have installed the printer ex, HP 1100 (MS) on the cliens on port TS001
(on the server), but when the client reconnect on the server, the ports has
change to ex, ts004 or ts005.

The cliens has 2 printers installed a "normal" printer and a LabelWriter.

How can I be sure that the client get the same ts port on logon?

~Allan Pedersen, Denmark!


sorry bad example...
I have a Dymo LableWriter and a Canon LBP-810 installed on my client.

Janaina Rodrigues

can you print in HP 1000 over TS??.. because I have a HP 1000 and i can´t
print ...

In aggree of this article: in HP LaserJet Printers Supported on Windows
Terminal Servers - HP

HP 1000 isn´t support for Terminal Server...



I Just dont understand it.

My clients is using RDP 5,2

I use regedit at edit the
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\Wds\rdpwd
into the corect path ("C:program files\printsubs\printsubs.inf")

I installed alsow the TSPDRW.exe

I have no events log with 1111, 1105, or 1106

I installed the all new printer driver for my printers.

~ Allan Pedersen



Have you found a resolution to the DYMO LabelWriter? I have the same issue
with a Thin Client as uses COM port for this device. I can get it to print
with the driver on the Terminal Server, but not as a local printer from the
thin client, which the software requires.

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