Printer and Network Drives not mapping w/ Roaming Profile



I am running a mixed NT/2000/2003 Server environment. I got folder
reidrection for desktop and my documents, and am testing roaming profiles
with select users. They initially had local profiles on their 12 computers,
but some users requested roaming profiles. The problem I am having is that
after setting up roaming profile path, their network drives, and printers are
still different on each machine. Any thoughts on this. There isn't anything
out of the ordinary in the event logs.



Hey Tom,

I am pretty sure that local printers will not roam. If you would like the
printers to follow the users I would suggest setting them up on a print
server. Are they all located on one site?


Sorry, They are on a printer server. We install them using con2prt. The
printer is installed via a tcpip port on the server. it's not a locally
attached printer.

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