My.Settings with roaming profiles



I have an application that uses the Application Settings Architecture
(My.Settings) to store its settings. Everything works fine except one
of our users uses Citrix systems.

On those systems the files are stored in the "Local Settings" folder
and when the user logs off this folder is removed and the settings are
lost. From what I'm reading with roaming profiles the settings file
should be stored in the Application Data folder instead of the Local
Settings\Application Data folder, but this is not what's happening.

Of course I don't know their exact setup but I am told they have
roaming profile enabled. So my question is, is there anyway to force
My.Settings to use the roaming profile path over the local settings

I could do something goofy like figure out if it is this user that is
using the program and then just force it to use the roaming profile
path if that is possible?

I appreciate any help.



Cor Ligthert[MVP]


Can you give us any idea what this has to do more with this newsgroup than
when I had asked.

"I go with my car every day to my job to do VB for Net programming, now I
have a flat tire, does anybody know how to solve that?


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