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i want to create a report that is print packing label. can access calculate
how many copy that i need to print?

now i have 2000pcs, and our standard packing for that part is 100pcs, then
the access can auto calculate that i need to print 20pcs label and it will
auto print out 20pcs label.

can make it?

another thing, can access, auto change the colour for certain text box every
month? example, Jan is "Yellow", Feb is "Green" and so on.

can access make it?

how somebody can help me. Thanks!


Allen Browne

To calculate how many labels you need, create a query, and type this into a
fresh column in the Field row in query design:
Labels: -Int(-[Pieces] / IIf([PiecesInPack] Is Null OR [PiecesInPack] =
0, 1, [PiecesInPack])

This assumes your tables have fields named Pieces and PiecesInPack, and that
both fields are Numbers. The -Int() part rounds up (so you get 21 labels if
2001 pieces are ordered.) The IIf() avoids the division by zero error.

Now you have the number of labels you need, you can use this solution to
print that number of labels:
Print a Quantity of a Label

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