Print jobs disappear



This is a customer's machine, most of this information is from the customer.
A knowledgebase search has not been helpful, not finding anything applicable.

System is Windows XP, Service Pack 2, Novell's Netware client installed. Has
1 local printer and several network printers on Netware queues. C: drive has
24+ GB free space.

At certain times, not able to predict or duplicate, print jobs will stop
printing. Applications behave as if the job was sent correctly. Opening the
printers shows no jobs in the Windows queues. The print spooler is running,
and restarting it has no effect. I can get to properties of the printer. Test
page acts like it sent, but never shows. This happens to all printers
simultaneously, local and networked. Logging off and logging back on (not
even going through a system restart) fixes the problem for a few hours. No
events are recorded in Event viewer other than events that normally occur at

Ideas?? Things to check I haven't thought of?

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