Print an 11x17 page in Excel



I'm trying to print to an 11x17 page from Excel, but 'tabloid' size doesn't
come up in my page choices, and I can't seem to create any 'custom' pages.

I noticed one posting here about it having something to do with printer
drivers; the problem is that our printer driver CAN handle 11x17 - and my
Word program reflects that, so obviously IT is connected to the right printer
driver - but for whatever reason it's not showing up properly.

Do I need to call my IT person? Is there something I can do myself? Right
now I'm feeling like my only choice is to cut and paste the spreadsheet into
Word in order to print it out!




Gord Dibben


Is that printer set as default printer in Excel?

If so, you should get all sizes that printer will support.

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

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