Plug and Play devices not working



Please help. I have recently encountered a problem with plug and play
devices not working. I got a new Ipod, flash drive, and external hard
drive--none of which work because when they are plugged into the USB port
Microsoft can not find the drivers and will not install anything. Everything
shows up as a big yellow question mark on the device manager. I've updated my
drivers and chipsets. Dell has looked at the problem and told me that I have
to reinstall Windows XP. The only problem with this is that I have no way to
back anything up since my external hard drive won't work. I don't have a DVD
burner. And burning CD's or floppys would take forever. Can I reinstall XP
without wiping my drive? Is there any other solutions that anyone can think
of? Please help. Thanks.



Mark L. Ferguson

It's possible that the command 'sfc /scannow' would repair it, but you would
need the setup CD and also go back to the Windows Update site to repair
updates sfc might downgrade.

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