plain text formatting



sOutlook 2007:
For years i have sent emails in HTML but, increasingly, come recipients are
complaining about not being able to open them, especially with attachments.
As a result I have converted to sending in plain text. The problem is that
paragraph formatting is not retained, for example in a numbered list. How
does one lock in the formatting?




numbered list is kind of like color and font size, it does not translate to
plain text

Roady [MVP]

In addition to dlw's remark; wouldn't you rather solve the HTML issue?

Do you have a virus scanner installed which integrates itself with Outlook?
Uninstall this integration part of your virus scanner and try again; you'd
still be sufficiently protected by your on-access scanner part of the virus
scanner. For more details see;



Roady [MVP]

If your computer got infected by a virus attached to an email, you complain
first by yourself for opening it and then perhaps to the vendor of the virus
scanner for not having an effective on-access scanner. You can use the phone
as well to complain to them ;-)

As said; the integration feature of their scanner doesn't add an extra level
of security as it is using the same definitions as the on-access scanner.

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