Pivot Table inquiry




in one workbook,
i have one main sheet with compiled data of only 400 rows and 60 columns
(approx.) No blank cells...
then on 12 sheets i got pivot tables for different summary presentation...
then on 6 sheets i got charts linked to the pivot table summary data...

i'd like to freeze or let say protect only the the 12 sheets-pivot tables to
disable selection....

Please recommend a macro to disable pivot table selection, while being also
able to update by inserting another rows of data on my main data sheet...

any suggestions are welcome



If you don't want users to see the sheets with pivot tables, you can
do it a couple of ways.
1) On each pivot table sheet, use "Format / Sheet / Hide". This is a
pretty light weight way of hiding them since users can use the
"Format / Sheet / Unhide" them to reveal them again (assuming they
think of looking there).
2) Use a VBA line like::
Worksheets("PivotSheet1").Visible = xlVeryHidden
for each sheet. This will visually hide the worksheet w/in Excel and
it is not reversible through the "Format / Sheet / Unhide" menu. Of
course, you'll probably also want to put in a VBA password so users
can't look at the code you used to hide the sheets and then un-hide

I guess it depends on your level of paranoia.

/ Tyla / .

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