Pivot tables - memory issues - please help



I have created a pivot table (say Pivot-1) using source data from a sheet
that contains around 18000 records/ rows of data. I created several other
pivot tables using the first pivot table as the reference for the data to
save memory. My source data sheet has now grown to 20000 rows of data/
records. If I change the data range for the first pivot table (Pivot-1) to
use the new and increased range, will all other dependent pivot tables
automatically reflect the new data range too? I don't see this happening and
I have to go into each pivot table and set the new data range so now my
workbook is hogging memory. I'm using Excel in Office 2003.

Luke M

Change your first PivotTable to that it references entire columns. That way
you don't have to worry about expanding data. Then, go back through and reset
your other PivotTables to use PivotTable1 as a reference. This should
decrease your file size by several Mb.

Note that with 20,000+ rows of data, you should still expect to have a
fairly large file.


Hi Luke,
Thanks a lot for responding. How do I reset the pivot tables to use Pivot-1
as the reference? I've tried using the Pivot Wizard's properties or table
options; I don't see a place where I can actually change the referenced pivot
table. Help? :)

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