about pivot table




when we create pivot table and we double click in values fields, pivot will
create a new sheet including all data.
i have a table which contains:
Division Names Salary

i create pivot table and select for Row Labels is Division and for Values
is Sum of Salary. Then in pivot table i double click one of Salary then it
will create new sheet which contains data for that division.
what i want to achieve, when we double click that values and create a new
sheet, can excel automatically give names as same as division. if i double
click sum of salary for marketing division, then will create Marketing sheet.

hope you get what i want to do.

many thanks



Roger Govier


You could move Division to the Page area.
Then Select the Division required before double clicking a cell.

There is also an option from the Pivot Table dropdown on the PT Toolbar,
called Show Pages.
This will produce a separate sheet conatining all of the data for each
Page field in turn.

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