Pivot Chart update



I'm using Excel 2007. I created a simple 2 column pivot table and a pivot
chart based on the table. When I change the filtering on the table the chart
doesn't update to the new values like it is supposed to. Is there a setting
somewhere that needs to be turned on or what?????




Hi Sharon I have a Pivot Chart in EXCEL 2007 on the screen in front of me.

There isn’t a setting that needs to be turned on.

In my PivotTable Field List I have two items selected:-


Revenue Last Year

I have another field:-


- turned off at the moment.

I drag REGION to Report Filter.

If I now select a REGION in the Pivot Table (a REGION called MIDWEST) and
hit OK the chart updates to reflect that change immediately so I do not seem
to be able to re-produce the behaviour that you are seeing.

If my comments have helped please hit Yes.


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