Pivot chart


Will Fleenor

I am working with Excel 2007 trying to create a chart. When creating the
line chart within a pivot table, the pivot chart is putting the data that
needs to be in the horizontal axis in the legend series. I would like it to
be switched. The button to switch these items is grayed out. Why is that? If
I just created the data in the Excel spreadsheet (not using a pivot table),
it is not grayed out.

thanks, Will



Shane Devenshire


Because this is the way Microsoft programmed it.

The way to switch fields on the pivot chart is to move the fields in the
pivot table. When the pivot chart is selected the Pivot Table Field List
shows the Ledgend Fields (Series) where the Column Labels are normally
displayed and the Axis Fields (Categories) where the Row Labels usually are.

This is where you swap fields.

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