Set uniform scaling for same type of Pivot charts with varying dat



Good afternoon;Excel 2003, windows XP.
I run pivot tables and charts every week based on the same data. The data is
for every one in the department. I then do a pivot table from the data for
each sub department , based on the employee names in each sub department. The
data structure is always the same for all the pivot tables, however, when I
plot the charts from the pivot tables, the scaling changes based on the data.
Is there a set fixed scaling so the chart size, (Bars, etc.), that represents
each pivot table, will look the same regardless of the change of data. These
are 3-D Column Charts.
Thanks in advance for any suggestion that may help. Can this be done or is
it necessary for the scaling to fluctuate with the change of data.



Shane Devenshire


You can maintain some pivot chart features: For example, double-click the
Y-axis and choose the Scale tab, uncheck Auto and set the values you want for
min, max, ... You also have some control of the X-axis based on the them
technique. But not everything is controlable.

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