Excel 2007 Pivot charts, any way to display filters on the chart?



New to 2007, searched, no joy.

In prior versions, when building a pivot chart, one could see the filters
and their values on the actual chart; page filter, categories, and X axis.

in 2007, I don't see this as an option; filters are in their own dialog box
and are not displayed on the actual chart.

This is problematic especially for page fields because I used the displayed
filters as proxies for chart titles; you could easily see if the displayed
chart was filtered for a data subset or for all data. Now, I need to
remember to add the filter information to the chart title which is easy to
foget and a PITA to do.

I tried turning on the 'display classic' in the pivot table settings but
this doesn't carry over to the chart.

Any help is appreciated.



Shane Devenshire


You can only filter the pivot chart from the Pivot Table Field List or from
the PivotChart Filter Pane.

This will be changed in 2010 where you will have the option of placing the
filters on the chart.

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