Pivot captions and VBA to sum instead of count



Is there any way to exclude the words Sum of in the data field, and
how do you force a pivot table to default to the sum in the data field
instead of saying count?

Debra Dalgleish

1) You can manually change the data field headings, by typing over the
exising headings.

You can't use a heading that's the same a a field name in the source
data, so you can't change 'Sum of Sales' to 'Sales'.

However, you can add a space character at the end of the name, to make
it different: 'Sales '

2) You can't change the default settings for the data fields. If a field
contains blank cells, or cells with text, it will default to COUNT.
Otherwise, it will SUM.

There's a feature that changes all the data fields to SUM, in my pivot
table add-in, that you can download here:


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