Calculated Field in Pivot Table minimum value

Jun 16, 2011
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This is giving me a big headache!!!

I have a spreadsheet which I have put into a Pivot table.

The columns of data are:

Date (1 - 31st May)
Job type (can be the same type of job within the same date) (DE, RE, New, DE/RE)

Date across the top of the PT, and job type down column A.

I would like to count per job type per day per engineer, HOWEVER, for each job type per day I need to deduct the first two of its kind. i.e if 16 De's for 1st May, I need it to state 14. If 3 New then need it to state 1.

Obviously in the pivot table I can just drage Job type into the Values area and change from sum to count but this does not deduct the first 2 jobs. what calculated field sum/equation do I need to deduct the first two jobs.

Thank you very much.


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