pioneer dvr can't install anything



Hello...........This is my first post.

I have been using a Pioneer dvr-610 (device manager says Pioneer dvd-rw
dvr-110d) with win XP and I have never been able to install anything from it.
For some reason I get messages basically saying it's unable to complete
setup.exe and autorun. To setup the computer I had to use an A-Open dvd rom.
The Pioneer will play music cd's. I dual boot XP with win 98 se and the
Pioneer works perfectly when I'm in win 98. I've looked through many of the
posts here but nothing quite like my problem seems to exist. I don't know
exactly how to tackle this problem. Any help will be greatly appreciated.....

Thanks....... Mark



Andrew E.

Chk the jumper pins on the device,set to slave or master depending on
other hardware on the IDE cable...Or,move to another IDE connection.

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