Picture It 9 - edited photos on desktop won't show up on network



I have a home network setup since I work out of my house. This gives me the
ability to work on my desktop part of the time, and my laptop the rest of the
time. I'm having an unusual problem - when I edit photos on my desktop (that
are in a shared folder on the network), the edited photos will not open on my
laptop. I believe it's probably a problem with Picture It, because when I
edit the photos using Paint they show up on the laptop with no problem. I
also have Picture It installed on my laptop. When I edit a photo that
originated on the desktop, it shows up on the desktop just fine. HOWEVER, if
I edit a photo that's located on my laptop (on a shared folder), the edited
photo will not show up on the desktop. Again, if I edit the picture with a
different program, like Paint, it shows up on the network just fine. PLEASE
HELP! It's very important that I'm able to edit pictures and see all of them
on the network, from either computer. I LOVE Picture It, and Paint doesn't
suit my needs.

Jerry K

If you save it as a PI file, it may not show up on another machine. Try
saving as a .bmp or . jpg or some other whole file. The picture it file is
probably a project file that just keeps track of the project data.

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