Picture Viewer - shortcuts from different folders


Truth seeker

Picture viewer slideshow is great for displaying my photos but...

I want to create an album by using shortcuts to photos from various folders
so that I don't have to create a new copy of the photo.

If I create shortcuts to all my photos and put them in my album, Picture
Viewer scrolls through only the batch of photos from the folder of the photo
you kick off with, even though there are many other shortcuts in the album.

How do you tell Picture Viewer to keep going through the rest?

I tried Media Player but it doesn't do photos.

If there isn't a tweak for my problem then I guess a bit of Windows script
might do the trick.

Truth seeker

Picasa is exactly what I was looking for, thanks!

I'm just curious to know whether Picture Viewer can be tweaked to scroll
through all the shortcuts in a folder, even if the source files are in
various folders. It seemed to be the simple answer to using a MS product.

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