Photo display distorted from ext hard drive

Oct 22, 2013
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Why is it that the thumbnails of the photos on my external hard drive are perfect. If I preview the photos and I go through them quickly, I can see the intact picture. However, if I stop on a photo and it tries to open, the photo is covered by a large box of color or it looks like it's been divided into two and one part of the photo is slid slightly to one side and discolored. When I open photos on my laptop, I can see the next photo waiting to be previewed and it's intact. If I arrow to the next photo, the file tries to open but the box pops up or I get the 'sliced' photo effect.

I've narrowed it down to the external hard drive as the source of the problem. When I save files from this to my hard drive, many of the thumbnails are no longer viewable.

It seems like the data is there but the external hard drive can't open the file properly. I've been able to isolate the source of the problem as the external hard drive. Downloading my pix via the card reader on my desktop to the external hard drive or via the USB cord from my camera and SD card, the results are the same.

Is there a way to fix the external hard drive? Can my data be retrieved intact? Any suggestions would be appreciated :mad:


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