Persistent Menu Item Stays on Screen After I Select it



Something odd just happened on my Windows Vista Premium machine. I was using
Windows Movie Maker and instructed it to publish a movie I had just made, and
it crashed (would not respond). After closing it, I discovered something
wrong: every time I select an item from a menu in Windows or an application
now, the selected menu item stays on screen after it's been selected.

I have two example pictures (my screen resolution is 1440x900):

This one shows the persistent menu item created when I right-clicked
"Computer" and selected "Open":

This one shows the item "Open" remaining even after I've selected it:

It remains on the screen, displaying on top of applications I open or move
over it. If I start Windows Media Center, the menu item disappears from the
screen just before Media Center is displayed.

Does anyone have a good idea what's wrong, and how I can fix this annoying


That's not a Vista issue. I have seen it with other versions of Vista on my
own computers.
And, coincidentally, just today I saw that happen on a Windows 2000 machine
at my office.
I don't know the cause, though.


Just as the problem is not specific to Vista, neither is the solution:

I tried the old Windows standby and rebooted, which seems to have taken care
of the problem. Vista's graphics are supposed to be quite different from
previous versions of Windows, though, so I thought something like that should
be fixed in Vista. Maybe the graphics handling isn't as much better as some
of the Vista hype claims.

It may not be specific to Vista, but it's an OS problem: the menu selections
stay for any program I've used, so it's not specific to an application. And
it's darn annoying.


Others here have said it's not a Vista problem. However, I never ran into
this problem before Vista so I wonder. However, I have had this problem
numerous times with whole drop-down menus that refuse to go away.
Eventually, they will, but in the meantime they're annoying.


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