permissions changing without notice



I have this very strange problem and I hoped all you knowledgable techs might
have an answer.
Some background: late last year one of my customers had data corruption on
one of their computers. I restored the corrupted data from a backup but
noted there were disk errors on the main hard drive in Event Viewer. I
suggested replacing the computer which the customer did. I installed all the
user data and setup the computer. But the new computer started getting disk
errors also. I finally traced the problem to a bad external backup drive
that was causing data corruption on the main HD only, and only when Windows
Backup started. I removed the bad external drive and the disk errors
My problem is that since then sometimes on some files and folders
seemingly without warning, their access permissions will change. Even after
explicitly setting the permissions on the folders some of the files in those
folders will become inaccessable unless I use the local admin account to take
ownership and then re-add the permissions manually. I have reset the
permissions at the folderlevel but not all the files in the folder change
their permissions. I have to change the permissions on each file manually.
The computer is running Windows XP Pro. Let me know if you need more

Thanks in advance.




Tim Meddick

Have you tried removing the SYSTEM entry on the folder's permissions, from
the users granted access?

Or even adding SYSTEM entry but with all "denied" permissions, for that
folder structure...

(It is usually the SYSTEM that is responsible for changing (re-setting)
file & folder permissions).


Cheers, Tim Meddick, Peckham, London. :)


No I haven't. Interestingly when I change the owner of the file to the admin
account I can then see that the original owner and the sytem are listed as
having access but not before. The only time I have seen this before is when
certain viruses try to protect themselves and change the file permissions.
But this is not a virus issue. Thanks for the tip.



May 13, 2010
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Hi John,

Well this seems to be interesting, However please go through the below link this should help you. Also reply if this doesn't so we can work this out.


Please reply at your convenience.

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