Performance Issues - SP4


Greg G.

Just wondering if any of you have noticed the following
since installing SP4. We have three systems here with SP4
installed and two of them have suffered the following
since upgrading.

- Boot up time increase (~ 20 seconds longer)

- Applications take longer to open and switch between
(affects MS Office products worse than other programs but
others affected too)

- Overall decrease in system performance and speed (mouse
clicks seem to lag from time to time and general

I am pretty sure I am going to roll back to SP3 on one of
the systems however I thought I would check to see if
anyone else was "hurtin" too.



I've certainly noticed a lag in mouse clicks, especially
when right clicking icons in the start menu and desktop
icons, which is a small thing, but gets VERY annoying
after it happens so many times. It definitely IS a result
of SP4 as I've installed it on nearly one hundred
computers since its release.

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