Penguins in Afganistan !


Sep 30, 2005
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Rebuilding tech in Afghanistan with open source

The Center for International and Intercultural Communication (ZiiK) at the Technical University of Berlin (TU Berlin) has been helping with the reconstruction of academic organizations in Afghanistan since 2002. Under the supervision of the Berlin IT lecturer, Dr. Nazir Peroz, Director of the ZiiK, computer centers have been established at five college locations in Afghanistan.
They use this software,

Which to a layman like me seems pretty neat and decently priced. As I have never used it I can not say how it performs personally.

I like this explanation they give about their interaction with Debian

The cooperation with the Debian Project is not a one-way street. Univention developers are also Debian developers and within the scope of their work on the further development of Univention Corporate Server often also work on the further development of Debian GNU/Linux.
This is a strategy that Univention shares with a large number of manufacturers, including some very well known ones. For this reason, the Debian Project represents a shared platform also maintained by many other companies and research facilities, whereby manufacturers and users always also benefit from the efforts of others. Consequently, the cooperation of companies like Univention with freelance developers and public institutions in the scope of the Debian Project is also one of the best and most successful examples of Open Source software.

ZiiK one of the organisations helping out the Afgans in a big way are German and have been helping and promoting open source to underdeveloped countries since 2000.



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