Pecuilar Excel behavior


Joe Ambrose

I have a user (several actually) that have reported peculiar behavior
in Excel 2003.

If 2 users open the same spreadsheet (network share) the first user
will get the sheet with the R1C1 option turned off ( Columns are
A,B,C.. ) the second user will get the sheet (after receiving the File
in Use message, ( user clicks on the Read Only option) and the R1C1
option is enabled ( Columns are 1,2,3. )

If user 1 sends me a copy of the sheet via email and I open it, the
columns are fine.

Copied the network version of the sheet onto my desktop (renamed it
...-1.xls) and saved his attachment to my desktop (renamed it

Opened ..-1 the columns are 1,2,3..
Closed Excel

Opened .-2 the columns are A,B,C..

It seems that the option was saved with the sheet (-1) and not with

This is perplexing on a Monday morning!!! Has anyone seen this
behavior before???

System Info.

WXP Pro SP 2
MSO Excel 2003 (11.8307.8221) SP3

If you need more information, please respond to my email address.

Joe Ambrose
LS Power Group, LLC
Joey11701-at- gmail -dot- com



Dave Peterson

This setting is local to the running instance of excel--user by user.

In xl2003 menus:
Tools|Options|General tab|Uncheck R1C1 Reference style.

Excel picks up this setting from the first workbook the user opens in that

If you have a co-worker who likes R1C1 Reference Style and you're unlucky enough
to open a workbook that he saved as the first workbook in that session, you'll
be making the same change again.

Joe Ambrose


This i understand, but if you read my post a little closer....

User A opens the sheet and uses the ABC reference style...... While user A
has the sheet open.....
User B opens the SAME Sheet and recieves the "File In Use" message and
clicks on Read only to open the sheet.
Excel opens in the R1C1 reference style.

It SHOULD open in the "ABC" style. shoud it not?

Dave Peterson

It depends on the each individual user's setting and what each person opens

Say the workbook was saved in R1C1 reference style (1, 2, 3, ... columns).

If you open this workbook first, then you'll see 1, 2, 3.

If I already have a workbook open and I'm seeing A, B, C, ..., then I'll
continue to see A, B, C.

What you see and what I see don't need to be the same thing.

(The "file in use" message doesn't have any impact on this.)

Sean Timmons

If you've opened a workbook before the current book, it will retain the prior
workbook's setting. So if both users have workbooks open with different
views, subsequent files will retain the prior views, regardless how the files
were opened. At that point, it becomes a user-level setting, not file-level.
Hope this helps!



Joe Ambrose

I just performed a test....

I opened Excel by itself, which opened a new worksheet, i got the ABC
reference style
I then Opened the workbook in question, (open toolbar button)
When it opened Excel was in R1C1.
I know for a fact that the user who has it open at the same time does not
use R1C1.

So, if the workbook is saved with the R1C1 style disabled, why am i seeing
it enabled when i open the workbook?


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