PDF Option??



In my pursuit of a technique to create a Professional Marketing Email, one
suggestion was to turn the webpage into a PDF and then put it on my website
as a webpage or simply embed it into the email.

My problem is that I frequently use the "LAYER" feature on the insert menu
in FrontPage and that feature does not seem to lend itself to 100% stability
as it
is viewed on some monitors, particular if using NETSCAPE.

This idea of turning a website page into a PDF sound like an interesting
However, after I open up FrontPage and am staring at the page I'd like to
turn into
a PDF, can anyone tell me how to do that? I have the PDF program on my
computer, but I don't know how to access it for the purpose mentioned. ALSO,
does anyone have any similar ideas as to how turn a webpage into a PDF like
document in order to assure stability when viewing it in a variety of
monitors using
various browsers? Thanks.


To create a PDF - you need something like

You probably have the reader - most people install that because a lot of
documents are PDF.

Frontpage creates divides (layers) and usually will position them absolutely
and then expect browsers (especially MSIE) to read the code properly when it
does not even put in a DOCTYPE so IE is in quirksmode.

For a forum that offers some great ideas in coding - www.iwdn.net

PDFs will make some things simpler, but I would not rely on it

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